About ECSM

Director’s Message

Dear Friends,

The greatest honor associated with my job is bearing witness to the men, women, youth and children in our programs who overcome the obstacles created by poverty, homelessness, the influence of drugs, and incarceration. Their success is no small accomplishment.

Our programs serve people faced with the daily struggles associated with unemployment, violence, and negative peer pressure. Any one of these struggles is difficult to overcome: imagine living with the complexities of several of these obstacles.

Despite these barriers, ECSM bears witness to the ability to change lives for the better. Each and every day, we provide the resources for people to forward in their lives. Our programs offer real-life help: meals, tutoring, transportation, mentoring, and job skill development. Our approach is to meet each person where they are in their life, and move forward together. Our mission calls us to look into the hearts and not the labels attached to the people who are served through ECSM.

We have many people to thank for joining us on this journey. ECSM’s work is made possible by a dedicated Board of Directors, a nurturing staff and caring volunteers. Parishes, individual donors, and foundations give generously in support of our mission to lift people out of desolation. Together, we work to breakdown the barriers of despair and isolation.

Please join me on this journey of faith, hope and transformation. You will find that grace and compassion are lived in the daily works of Episcopal Community Services of Maryland.

Most Gratefully,

Jean Patterson Cushman
Executive Director