Fighting Drug Abuse Through Foosball Game

Have you ever played foosball? If you did, you know how awesome it is. But if you didn’t ́t, you need to hear about it. Foosball is an excellent way to get tons of fun and entertainment. It even becomes a sport for seriously skilled. The game has a table, eight sticks on each side, players and ball. By pushing and pulling sticks, you need to achieve a goal. Learning how to play is available on many sites, but you can always find someone around to show you likewise. Once you see rules, for a not so long time you can become a pro.

It ́s a great way to hang out with your friends, family, kid, colleagues because it?s a multiplayer game. Even though, you can use all 8 rods on your own. One more interesting fact is that you can play it online. Keeping your body and mind entertained it can become your favorite hobby. But, the best thing about foosball is that it can have serious health benefits.

To whom it can be helpful? How does it help?

The game is perfect for relaxation but also keeps your body moving. It ́s about improving your joint health. Furthermore, believe it or not, it can help drug addicts for fighting abusement. There are many ways to explain it. According to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the key is the redirection, distraction, and visualization. Foosball is redirecting thoughts to the game and distracts from bad ones. There is always a visualization way to think about a strategy to win. The mindfulness-based program is the leading strategy to fight drugs nowadays. This program is more successful than the other ones used. This technique includes exercises, and some of those fit in a foosball game, directing attention to the right way. If you know a thought pattern, you can always fight them. Other players can be a great support. They can keep you from thinking about bad memories. They can advise you because it ́s known that behavioral therapies – individual, family or group – are the most used forms of drug abuse treatment. By playing the game with your friends or beloved ones, a patient has monitoring. Why is that important? It can be an early indication of abstinence. That’s how prevention is always available. Mental focus on the game is the key. The balls are moving miles per hour, which is keeping attention to the ball. Together with medical help, it can be useful. Psychological ways of treatment are as important as physiological. This mental exercise also is available for one player too. So, the mind can occupy the game as long as it ́s fun.

Where to buy the table? And why?

If you want to advise someone or to buy it as a present, this is the right choice. Stores, Internet, and custom made tables are available and affordable. When a hobby can help in such a severe condition, you should never hesitate a second! Give someone an opportunity for recovery by providing a qualitative time and advise. Fight for life!