Church Facilities Management: 7 Tips for Maintaining Church Facilities

A church is much more than its floors, windows, walls, and equipment. The church is a place of worship, connection, and upliftment. Yet the church needs its facilities to carry out numerous activities. It could be for a Sunday service, a Wednesday Bible study meeting, or a Saturday wedding ceremony.

For a church to continually play a vital role in the lives of people, its facilities must be in the right condition. Therefore, regular maintenance of instruments and equipment is an essential aspect of church facilities management.

Through facilities maintenance, a church can ensure that its members gather regularly in a healthy and facilitative environment. Facilities maintenance also ensures that the appearance of the church is welcoming, especially to visitors. If the facilities are in good condition, it will send the right message to its members and prospective worshippers.

Some churches have a facility manager who organizes for the maintenance of the facilities, among other responsibilities. Others don’t have a facilities manager. They call in volunteers for their maintenance work when the need arises.

As the facilities manager of your church or the head of a church that has no facilities manager, these tips can help you manage your church facilities.

7 Tips for Maintaining Church Facilities

Maintain the Roof

Churches can have roof issues, just like any other building. Roof issues differ with the kind of roof, and older church buildings have roofs that require regular attention. Imagine what a leaky roof will do when it rains during a service. It is vital to keep the roof watertight and free from other issues.

Things to check out for are birds infestation in roof spaces, damaged shingles, broken ridges, dampness of the roof timbers, and other issues that relate to your roof type. Maintaining the church roof can improve the building’s general condition.

Upgrade Wood Pieces

Wooden items inside the building like pews, doors, and tables can rot, break, or get old. An upgrade of these items is necessary to avoid hurting the worshippers. Church members with skills like working with a saw or wood lathe can volunteer and work on upgrading the furniture.

The wood lathe can help to create elegant wood pieces for a new pulpit or an offering collection box. That said, consider the features of the wood lathe machine or other tools before purchasing them.

Extend the Life of the Flooring

With many people going in and out of the church building, the flooring can wear out over time. Replacing the entire flooring can be very expensive. The best thing to do is maintain it regularly for as long as possible.

Use the right cleaning agent for your floor type during regular cleaning. Also, carry out deep cleaning at least yearly to remove dirt and grime that regular cleaning cannot take out.

To maintain the floors in high traffic areas, use rugs in the aisle and mats at the entrance. Dirt from shoes will lodge there and reduce wear and tear on the floors. The mats and rugs can then undergo cleaning or vacuuming.

Take Care of the Outdoor

Untrimmed flowers and overgrown weeds are some of the things that can be unappealing. The exterior of the facility is usually the first part people get to see, and it can leave a wrong impression if you don’t attend to it.

An activity as simple as sweeping the walkway can add life to the exterior. If there are trees outside, they may gather leaves, especially during fall. Investing in a suitable leaf blower can help your outdoor look welcoming at all times.

Other cleanup activities include cleaning the parking lot, mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters, washing the concrete, planting new flowers, and changing the signpost.

Fix the Lighting

The inner part of the church can be dark due to inadequate or faulty lighting. Replace that bulb that flickers or the one that has burnt out. Also, update old light fixtures or add new ones in specific places to give the interior a beautiful look.

Repair Essential Utilities

Church maintenance is incomplete without fixing the plumbing and other mechanical issues. Don’t ignore things like leaky pipes and dripping faucets that need the attention of an expert.

For faulty HVAC systems, hire a professional to fix any issues and conduct regular maintenance on the system.

Develop a Maintenance Schedule

Church facilities have many maintenance needs. Set up a schedule to address these needs before they worsen or even before they occur. The schedule should involve a weekly, monthly, and annual inspection plan. Regular inspection of the facility can help to identify those areas that need attention.

The maintenance schedule should have specific dates set aside to fix any issue that you may discover. Take care of urgent problems immediately. Also, set up times for frequent activities like cleaning, washing, and dusting.


Maintaining Church facilities doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Recruiting volunteers from among the members can help with facilitating many of these tasks. It not only saves the church money but also gives the members a sense of belonging. Other aspects of church maintenance that require professional help will not cost much if done on time.

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