The Club at Collington Square – Strong City Baltimore

The Club is an after-school and summer program serving youth in kindergarten through 5th grade living in and near the Collington Square neighborhood of East Baltimore. The Club is open Monday through Friday from 3:30pm – 6:30pm and works with 73 children a year providing academics, physical education, STEM education, and community arts programming. The Club also houses an emergency food and clothing bank to help families through crisis situations.

Through homework support and project-based learning opportunities, The Club staff reinforces school learning through interactive hands-on after-school activities. Club staff works with school teachers to keep track of each student’s academic progress and needs throughout the school year. This allows Club teachers to understand the gaps in student learning and create lessons and activities that address those concepts. This partnership is critical to student achievement and increased knowledge base of day-school concepts. In addition to focusing on reading and math, students at The Club also have the opportunity to participate in STEM, community arts and physical fitness and nutrition activities, and civic engagement activities. These types of activities not only engage the child’s creative mind but also increase their understanding of word use, phonics, and grammar.

While at The Club students receive

  • Academic support to support day-school education
  • Enrichment opportunities including STEM, physical education, visual and performing arts
  • Individualized and group attention to increase self-esteem and team building
  • A safe, secure environment in which to learn and grow
    Program Services

Students must live in or near the Collington Square neighborhood of East Baltimore to attend The Club. Students are monitored throughout enrollment to guide staff in working with students individually and in groups to reach grade level development. Documented developmental gains are consistently evident for all students who are enrolled in The Club through academic testing conducted throughout the program. In addition to academic and enrichment opportunities, students at The Club receive:

  • A nutritious dinner and snack provided by The Community Kitchen
  • Interaction and homework help from volunteers in the community, local colleges, and universities

In addition to after-school and summer programming, The Club is a resource to the community and to the families of its students. Parents are encouraged to volunteer at the program, and participate in teacher meetings, and read at home with their children.

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