Our Story

ECSM was founded to support the disconnected and under-served of Baltimore City.


Episcopal Community Services of Maryland (ECSM) was founded in 1927 to provide adoption services for unwed mothers. Over the life of the organization, the needs of the disadvantaged have been acknowledged, changing the scope of the organizations’ focus to working with the homeless, individuals in drug and alcohol recovery, and those dealing with domestic violence issues. Today, ECSM continues to focus on the needs of these populations through education and family support. ECSM accomplishes this work through its programs: The Ark Preschool, The Club at Collington Square Afterschool Program, and the Community Kitchen. ECSM’s goal is to provide education and support to help families and individuals overcome adversity and the injustice of poverty.

Mission and Vision

Mission: Guided by our faith and commitment to social justice, and in collaboration with others, Episcopal Community Services of Maryland strives to address the injustice of severe poverty, which is embedded in communities and disempowers individuals. ECSM provides education and support systems as well as advocates for families and individuals seeking help in overcoming adversity.

Vision: Clients and the community at large recognize ECSM as a model organization that highly values its employees, volunteers, Board members, and donors.

Core Values

Compassion: We should work for justice for the people we serve and with whom we work, remembering we all have something to teach and learn from one another.

Integrity: ECSM employees strive to be ethical in their professional conduct, recognizing both the strengths and weaknesses of our collective work.

Open Communication: Open communication develops from the work of seeking clarification. ECSM employees strive to understand one another and seek clarification at all levels of the organization.

Responsibility: Accountability for your job requires responsibly reporting progress to others who rely on your completed work.

Respect: ECSM employees strive to put respect first when we’re at work, remembering that our services are a lifeline for those who seek expertise and faith.

Advocacy: ECSM employees recognize the importance of giving voice to the people we serve to make change at an institutional level thereby breaking down barriers to their leading more meaningful lives. We advocate in the areas of affordable housing, education, universal access to healthcare, reintegration services (both pre- and post-release from prison), public transportation, and workforce development.

Teamwork: The spirit of ECSM requires that employees be committed to the work of the mission. ECSM employees often help out on various projects outside of their own programs and/or formal job descriptions. We embrace a “pitch-in-and-get-it-done” attitude.

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